PNQM Interest Group Submission for Spring 2020

Time is set aside in our program for opportunities to share and learn, to go deeper with a smaller group than plenaries may allow, or to meet with those who share a special concern, or who need an alternative to the more general program. We encourage Friends to propose and to attend these Interest Groups as a chance for spiritual growth and building friendships.

Groups are held Saturday afternoon for an hour and a half (or less, if you wish.)

I am interested in leading an interest group.

My Name: 
Leader's Meeting/WG: 


Name of Interest Group:  

Description of topic and how you will work with it, as you wish it to appear on sign-up sheets:

   If you want more than one session, put a note in the Special needs box.
Minimum number of participants  blank if no limit
Maximum number of participants  blank if no limit

Audio/Visual Needs

Special Needs (movable chairs, large space, etc)

Your request will be sent to the Interest Group Coordinator, ,,
If you have any questions contact the coordinator.

If you tell us about your Interest Group in advance, we will make a sign-up sheet for you. If you offer one only after arriving, you'll need to create your own sign-up sheet (we'll provide "blanks").