Planning Committee Online System Introduction


The login page of the registration report system is at Planning committee members are enterred into the system with their special designated roles, such as Interest Group Coordinator, and based upon their role, they may log into the system and access various reports.


To access the reports that apply to your role, first you need to register using a password.  The Registrar will then assign the password you used to the Planning Committee role you have, unless you have been otherwise informed about preset passwords.


Thereafter, go to the login page, choose your position from the pull down menu, and enter the password you gave when registering.  This takes you to your “Choice Page” which has another drop down menu of all the reports you can access.


Choose the report you want and click on “Submit” to see it on the screen.  At the top and bottom of each report is a button “Go back to select another report” which will take you back to the Choice Page.


There is also a button to “Send This Report as Email” beside an input box with your email address.  Pressing that button will cause the report to be sent to you as an email.


The body of the email will contain the report, but it may be formatted oddly, and is not particularly useful.  There is also a spreadsheet with the same report attached to the email.  You can open this attachment using a spreadsheet program (such as Excel), and the information will be in a form that you can then manipulate in any way you choose.


If you have reason to do so, you could email the report to someone else by changing the email address in the input box before clicking the Submit button. Perhaps you would want to share it with an assistant if you have one.


The Worship Group Coordinator is responsible for assigning people to worship groups in the manner described in the Planning Guide. Use the online system Worship Group report to see individual choices. Copy and paste the individuals from that report into a document (Open Office or MS Word or Excel) to organize the final worship group compositions. Use guidelines from the Planning Guide. The Worship Group coordinator also assigns meal setup and cleanup times to each worship group, and makes those assignments known to each worship group leader. Also, the Worship Group Coordinator provides final worship group leader names to the registrar who then makes worship group meeting location assignments. These often use the sleeping location of the group leader for indoor groups.


The Work Coordinator uses a new system to automate part of the work assignment process. Instructions for use of that system are here. The Planning Guide details how to make work assignments using the old manual approach. Hopefully, the new semi-automated approach and instructions will make this job easier.


The Interest Group Coordinator will receive emailed copies of Interest Group Leader submissions. All submissions are saved online. The submissions may be managed and signup sheets printed in the Interest Group management section of "special reports". Follow the Planning Guide for organizing and posting times for the interest groups. Work with the registrar just after lunch on Saturday of Quarterly to make interest group location assignments.