PNQM Registration – Fall 2017

Use your email address and password with "Resume" button to continue a saved registration.
Use last Quarter's email, password, and "Use Last Quarterly" button for a jump start.
Use the "Save for Later" button at bottom of form, followed later by "Resume", if necessary.

If you are registering for Quarterly for the first time:
  • Enter your email address, family (last) name, and create a password that is entered exactly the same in both password boxes.
  • If there are no errors so far, fill the form down to “click this button to add another person” (but don’t click it).
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click the button that says “save for later”.
Now you should be able to return to the form at any time, using your email address and password with "Resume", to add more information as needed.
If members of your party qualify for a fee waiver be sure to check the Waivered checkbox for each case.

We now have the following Junior Friends "Friendly Adult Presence" opportunities in your work options:
Friday JF Opening Circle, Saturday a.m. during the worship group time period, and Saturday afternoon for a Lazy F service project.
These are excellent opportunities to become acquainted with the Junior Friends. Select JFAP, as your work choice, and a desired time.

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For a person with a different last name enter "lastname, firstname(s)", e.g. Smith, Lisa Anne.



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Waivered Positions

Do Challenge Course

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Survey is always sent to the family email address.
We assume rooms may be shared to accomodate as many people as possible. If your family requires private quarters check the "See Note" box near the end of the first person row. Then select the "lodging" category in the yellow area that appears, and make your request. We will do our best to accomodate your needs.

Medical Release Form

View and print a medical release form for all of ages 1-17 participating in the children's programs or Junior Friends.
Clicking the link will open the form in a new browser window. Print and bring the completed form(s) to check-in.
Bring 2 copies for each individual in that age range. Bring 3 copies if the person is under the care of a sponsor.

Cost and Payment Summary
Click the "Calculate/Recalculate Cost" button.

Full Cost

After clicking the button: 1) review the cost summary, 2) accept or change Family Chosen Fee, 3) choose your preferred payment method and amount, and 4) click the button to submit your registration.

At least 50% should be paid at time of registration using PayPal, or by mailing a check payable to "PNQM" to:

Don Billen
PNQM Treasurer
2911 S Massachusetts St
Seattle, WA 98144

Write the Registration Last Name on the Memo line of your check.

Check box and click button to cancel registration.

$-10.00 Discount before 2017-08-19

$25.00 Late fee on or after 2017-09-01

Donation ..full cost will recalculate to include this:


Family Chosen Fee
 see “Pay What You Can” policy.

Payments received

Balance due at check-in  


mail check  use PayPal  pay later 

Cost should not be a barrier to attendance, so Friends are expected to pay whatever they can easily afford in accordance with their own financial situation. No questions, no explanations. Just put your amount on the Family Chosen Fee line on the Registration form. This is our Pay What You Can Policy.

We offer the following suggested amounts, based primarily on our costs, for full-time participation: Adults $120 Junior and Central Friends $65 Children age 2 through Upper Elementary $50 Staying in tent or RV Subtract $20 per adult

We need to average these amounts in order to meet our expenses. Therefore, payments greater than these guidelines by those who can afford it are very much appreciated, and will help others feel comfortable coming even though they pay less than the fees suggested above. If you will be participating for only part of the weekend, or are sleeping off-campus. please make whatever adjustment seems appropriate to you on that account, as well as considering your personal financial situation.

After you submit this registration a page will appear to explain PayPal payment options.

Click the Pay Now button at the bottom of that page to complete your payment using PayPal.