IG-01. Communicating about climate change


Quaker skills at deep listening and mediation will be greatly needed now that we are in a time of climate change. We will discuss and share our experiences with others as we all become aware of what is happening and share ways to support people as they find their personal pathway in responding to this massive challenge we face.

IG-02. Living Nonviolently in Our Violent Culture

susan schaller

What are the obstacles to peace collectively and in our individual selves? How do we become the change we want to see? Share your successess, methods and ideas for building lives that defy our consumer culture of violence.

Limit: 17 persons

IG-03. Building Peace within a Diverse Community

Jonathan Betz-Zall

This IG will present and consider "best practices" for building strong spiritual and interpersonal relationships within communities that are, or would like to become more ethnically diverse. The presenter has considerable experience in the peace and environmental justice movements; those with other relevant experience will be welcome to share as well. We'd especially like for people who attended the workshop presented by the Nakani Native Program last year to report on their subsequent experience.

Limit: 25 persons

IG-05. Living into Authority

Joe Snyder

Exploration of what it means to enter humbly into spiritual authority/power, as understood by early Friends and from the examples of Jesus and others.